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Allowing Windows 7 and Office 2010 to Activate through Webmarshal

If you use M86 Security’s WebMarshal as a proxy on your network, then you might have noticed that you are unable to activate any new Microsoft products (Windows 7 or Office 2010) over the internet. Microsoft’s first method is to use the phone to activate…Fair enough, but if you ever need to roll out any more than 2 products this option would get rather annoying…

You’ll just need to add some Microsoft sites to the WebMarshal Content Filter Bypass list to allow activation over the internet.

1) Go to the WebMarshal Console-> Tools -> Proxy Server Wizard…

2) Click through the wizard till you get to Proxy Content Filter Bypass (Advanced)

3) Add the following entries:

4) Click through the rest of the wizard and finish.

5) Commit changes and test activations.

Be amazed that you didn’t have to chat to Microsoft Susie…or whatever her name is…


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Posted by on December 8, 2011 in Webmarshal, Windows 7