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RDP Connection and “You must change your password before logging on the first time” prompt

Well it seems that there is a bug in the way an RDP connection connects to a server when asking for your password to be changed. In short, you can’t! Well, I think it is a bug, but Microsoft probably had a good reason to do it this way.

But there is a solution that worked – for me anyway.

Here are the steps:

Log onto your terminal server / Multipoint server with administrative credentials

Click on Start then Run. Type in tsconfig.msc and hit enter.

Under the connections display window, double click on the RDP-Tcp connection

This properties box will appear.

Change the settings as shown above. The only option I needed to change was the Security Layer option from “Negotiate” to “RDP Security Layer”.

Click OK.

You can now close the Remote Desktop Session Host  Configuration dialog box.

If you now try and connect a user via an RDP client that needs to change their password on logon, it will now prompt you to do so.




Remove the “Libraries” and the “Control Panel” icons from the desktop in Multipoint Server 2011

After configuring all the programs and settings that I required for users to connect to our new MultiPoint server, I noticed a couple of annoying icons on the desktop that the users should not be able to see. They are “Libraries” and “Control Panel”.

Locked down users should not have access to anything on the local PC, including playing with Control Panel settings. So how do you remove these tempting icons? Easy.

Open regedit

Navigate to the following registry keys:

Remove the Libraries icon from the desktop


Remove Control Panel icon from the desktop

Then just hit the big delete key on each of these keys. And hey-presto! The icons have gone!

Warning: be very careful the registry. If you delete something that you shouldn’t, you may be left with a system that does not boot or is very unstable.

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Adobe Application Manager has stopped working – CS5.5

I built a Windows Multipoint Server 2011 and attempted to install Adobe CS4 suite onto it. But it seems to fail – terribly.

I downloaded the trial version of Adobe CS5.5. After installation, I attempted my first update, but oh oh! A message box appeared:

Adobe Application Manager has stopped working

Arghhh! What’s going on. I clicked on close the program and tried again. This time the update worked and I could patch CS5.5. But the next time I opened any of the products in this suite, that same message appeared. I could get rid of the message by clicking CLOSE but this should not appear.

After searching and searching the internet for an answer, I came across this fix.

  1. Open an Administrator command prompt
  2. Type in the following command: bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOff
  3. Reboot the server

And the problem is now fixed. This command switches off DEP – which stands for Data Execution Prevention. This is  intended to prevent an application or service from executing code from a non-executable memory region. Well, this is what Wikipedia says anyway.

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Deployed printers not installing on Multipoint Server 2011

After configuring a Microsoft Multipoint Server 2011, I setup a group policy to deploy some of our network printers to the server to make them available to all our connected users.

But for some reason (a bug!), the deployed printers would not appear. The only solution was to manually stop and start the spooler service by loggin onto the server.

There must be a better way! And I found it.

You need to create a new Task in the Task Scheduler utility (Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler).

First create a simple batch file that has the net stop and and start command for the spooler service. Save this to a folder on C: drive. Next, create a task in task Scheduler. Make sure you set the task to start even if no one has logged on and set to run at the higest level. Click OK and you will be prompted for an admin account to run this task.

Once you reboot the Multipoint server, a message will appear before the logon prompt “Applying Deployed Printer Connections Policy”. And you mission is complete. Yay!

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Windows Multipoint Server 2011 and HP T150 Thin Client

HP T150

I just received the new HP MultiSeat T150 Thin Client from HP. I am intending on testing this device with the MultiPoint Server 2011 offering from Microsoft. We are thinking of going down this path to replace our aging computer suites at the school that I work. Should be good.

The T150 has 2 x PS/2 ports – keyboard and mouse. 3 x USB ports – 2 USB for devices and 1 USB port to connect directly to the MultiPoint server. Headphone and mic jacks. VGA display port. DC power connector. 1 x cable lock slot. 1 x security clip slot. 1 x mounting bracket to attach this little device to the back of your monitor. The device is only 11cm x 6.5cm x 3cm in dimensions. So it’s quite small.

My next avenue for investigation is to find a device that has a network port instead of a direct connection via USB.

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Can Adobe CS4 Suite be deployed on Windows MultiPoint Server?

Yes it can!

When I first started playing around with Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, I attempted to install the Adobe CS4 Suite onto the server but it failed stating that the install will not work with this version of Windows (or something to that effect).

I thought I would have to give up my idea of using MPS but I stumbled across this solution which works great!

There is a control panel feature called “install application on remote desktop…” which is a wizard you follow. However there is a quicker command line method.

  1. Login to the server as administrator
  2. Open a DOS prompt (Start/run/cmd) and
  3. Type “change user /install”
  4. Install the software from the CD in the usual way

And there you have it. Works every time that I have tested it. Yay!

Additional note: if the install of Adobe CS4 fails with the program not responding, go into the control panel and turn off UAC, reboot and perform the steps again.

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