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Unable to boot from CD/DVD on HP 4540s ProBook Laptop

I received a new HP ProBook 4540s today. I needed to image it to our business standard image. I placed the CD in the drive to boot but it just kept on booting into the OEM Windows install. After many curse words and much grinding of teeth, I found a solution:

  1. When the laptop is at the initial HP log screen, press the ESC key
  2. Wait for the menu to appear and then press F10
  3. Select “Log in as a guest user”
  4. Choose “System Configuration”
  5. Expand the “Boot Options” option and scroll down and un-tick the “Secureboot” option.
  6. You then just have to choose ‘UEFI Hybrid (with CSM)’ or ‘Legacy’  under ‘Boot Mode’.

Save these options and exit and your laptop will now boot from the CD/DVD ROM drive.

HP ProBook 4540s


Posted by on February 14, 2013 in BIOS, Laptops / Notebooks