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Outlook calendar items disappearing

My current problem I face is that one of our staff is having problems with their Outlook calendar. All of her appointments disappear!

Outlook is running in cached mode (because it is a laptop which she takes home). If I restore her calendar items from backup, then check them in Outlook Web Access, the appointments appear. But as soon as I start Outlook, all the calendar items disappear.

If I restore the items and configure Outlook for non-cached mode, the calendar items stay put.

I have tried to delete the .ost file and recreate the cache copy but still the problem remains. I have also tried the /resetnavpane and /cleanfreebusy switches.

I might have to leave Outlook setup as non-cached mode for the time being until I can figure this out.

Has anyone got a solution to my problem?

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Posted by on September 21, 2011 in Exchange 2003, Outlook