Deployed printers not installing on Multipoint Server 2011

17 Apr

After configuring a Microsoft Multipoint Server 2011, I setup a group policy to deploy some of our network printers to the server to make them available to all our connected users.

But for some reason (a bug!), the deployed printers would not appear. The only solution was to manually stop and start the spooler service by loggin onto the server.

There must be a better way! And I found it.

You need to create a new Task in the Task Scheduler utility (Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler).

First create a simple batch file that has the net stop and and start command for the spooler service. Save this to a folder on C: drive. Next, create a task in task Scheduler. Make sure you set the task to start even if no one has logged on and set to run at the higest level. Click OK and you will be prompted for an admin account to run this task.

Once you reboot the Multipoint server, a message will appear before the logon prompt “Applying Deployed Printer Connections Policy”. And you mission is complete. Yay!

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Posted by on April 17, 2012 in MultiPoint Server, Printers


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