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How to reset the lamp counter for a Panasonic PT-LM1E Projector

I replaced a lamp in a Panasonic PT-LM1E-C projector today but it still displayed the warning to replace the lamp. Looking through all of the menu items, I could not find a lamp reset option. After a quick search on Google, I found a solution. And here it is.

  1. Reset the lamp counter hours of operation for the projector PANASONIC PT-LM1E
  2. Press the “POWER” button so that the projector projects the picture on the wall (projection screen)
  3. Press the “MENU” button to show the “MAIN MENU”
  4. Use buttons “F” or “G” and select “OPTION”
  5. Confirm this by pressing “ENTER” so that “OPTION” is shown
  6. Using buttons “5 / 6”, select “LAMP RUNTIME” (lamp operation counter)
  7. Select and press the “ENTER” button for at least 3 seconds
  8. The “LAMP RUNTIME” (lamp operation counter) will change to “TIME RESET[POWER OFF]”
  9. Turn the device off by pressing “POWER” and unplug the power cord
I am not sure what the “F, G, 5 or 6” buttons they referred to here are as my remote did not have these buttons. After pressing Enter on the lamp runtime counter as suggested at step 7, it did in fact come up with the power off message. After I performed a power off and on, all was well again. Yay!
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Add Proxy Server app to HP TouchPad

I thought that I would have an HP TouchPad that did not work on my company proxy/ISA server. After a few emails to HP, I found that an HP employee has created an app that can enable and disable the use of Proxy servers on your TouchPad.

As yet, HP have not written an official GUI app to set and remove proxies. However an HP employee in Holland (Jochim) wrote a TouchPad App that sets proxies and saves proxy settings. You need to download the ipk file “” from this download location and it needs to be installed in the same manner as any ipk based or preware based app.

To install this app:

1. Download the application “” file to your PC from this download location.

2. Download WebOS Quick Install tool to your PC from the following link:

You need to have Java installed on your PC to be able to run this tool as described in the link above.

3. Enable developer mode on your device. To do this type the following to “Just Type” field on your TouchPad or “Find…” field on your Pre/Pixi device:


A developer mode icon will appear. Click that and turn on developer mode.

Your device will reboot.

4. Connect your device to your PC via USB cable. Your device will prompt you with an option for “USB Drive” mode. Do NOT select that, instead just select

“Close” or “Just charge” whichever option is available.

5. Double click WebOS Quick Install .jar file you downloaded at step 2 to launch the tool.

You will see WebOS Quick Install window.

6. Drag and drop the “” file you downloaded at step 1 to

the “Files to install” list on WebOS Quick Install window and click the “Install” button.

The application should now be installed to your device and will likely be in the Apps tab.

NOTE: If  webosquickinstall complains that it can’t find the Novacom drivers, you need to download the webOS doctor for the HP TouchPad. Run it but do not attach your HP TouchPad. When you run the webOS doctor it will install the novacom  drivers and then ask you to attach your touchpad. At that point you can shut it down and start up webOS quickinstall.

HP TouchPad webOS version 3.0.2



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