The dreaded ‘Unknown Device’ yellow exclamation mark

22 Sep

Have you ever had the problem where you have reinstalled or upgraded to a new OS and found that some of your devices are no longer working?

If you take a look in Device Manager, you may find the dreaded little exclamation marks staring back at you in some kind of arrogant way, smirking thinking that you will never find out what it is? Well, there is an easy solution.

If you right click the offending device and choose properties, then choose the details tab, then choose ‘Hardware ID’s’ from the drop down box, you will be presented with a cryptic code of what the device is.

For example, you may see something similar to this:


All you have to do is fire up Google and start typing in that line up to (and including) DEV_3B64 for example and you will find that there will be heaps of results. Look through some of these and you will find links to driver download sites which will happily banish the yellow exclamation mark. The one that I listed is for the Intel Management Engine Interface.

Tip: in the list of hardwar id’s, the top id is normally the most detailed item describing exactly what the device is. The listing under this first one, will then start to be more generic and eventually ending up at the manufacturer of the device.

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Posted by on September 22, 2011 in Windows 7, Windows XP


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